Welcome to the YMSA Midlands

Sherwood 26/27th March
**We are running transponders**
For members wanting to purchase a transponder they are available from HS Sports and they are £80 ( Inc vat and postage)
If you need to hire one please let us know A.S.A.P
*please txt Kath to give her your transponder number ( those you have one) or to tell her if you need to hire one 078 088 69140...
Transponders will usually be hired out at £10 per meeting but as this is a 2 day meeting we will charge £10 for the weekend.
Riders will need to leave a credit card or driving licence which will be handed back when the transponder is returned.
ALL hired trasponders must be returned at the end of the meeting
Remember to txt Kath to giver her your transponder number or to hire one 07808869140

YMSA/ORMS - Team event! Fully licenced club members can qualify for the semis (8th June) via their own club championship. Qualifiers start from the affiliated clubs 1st championship date up to and including 11th May 2014. The highest point scoring riders from each club will be offered a place in their semi. Last chance qualifiers 13th July Finals 16/17 August at Wildtracks Chippenham


The UK’s family orientated MotoX club!


A Little Bit About Us…

We are a family orientated Motox club based in the midlands. If you are interested in starting with Motox you should find all the information you need right here on our official website.

Our club is run by a general committee, these people are responsible for all matters regarding Administration, Legislation and Finance for the Y.M.S.A. Ltd and is solely responsible for overseeing all matters relating to affiliated clubs and organisations. They also act on behalf of all Y.M.S.A. clubs and individual members as an arbitration and appeal committee board. All clubs have the right to call upon this committee when it is felt that the requirement is of a serious nature.

Decisions reached by this committee are both final and binding. Personal attendance by a club or its member to a Committee meeting is by invitation only from the Committee. Officers of this committee will normally consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, plus one member elected from the present Y.M.S.A. Committee (main body only) who must have served a minimum of 1 full years current service on that committee.

The Y.M.S.A. may appoint an observer to attend an affiliated clubs event to observe the running of that event. The observer will ensure that the event is run in accordance with current rules and regulations. The observer will prepare a report for the committee.